Fratello Sole

A social innovation project won the European contest 2017

Fratello Sole

Help the environment, help the people.

Founding Organizations

Houses to increase efficiency


Average saving


Minimum Co2 saving

Who we are addressing:
Are you a Congregation?
Are you a religious Congregation or an institution with many centres in Italy or abroad? Email us at and we will put you in touch with our experts to better understand your needs and outline saving perspectives for your work.
Are you a Diocese or a Caritas?
If you represent an Italian Diocese or Caritas and wish to join us, contact us directly at After the first email exchange, we will be happy to schedule a personal appointment to assess together common strategies and conveniences.
Do you manage a social organization?
Are you the manager of a social organization or consortium? It might be convenient for you to increase your energy efficiency and save power. Email us at and we will be happy to consider your collaboration proposal.

Are you interested?

Directly at headquarters

We will make an on-site visit at your premises.

Energy audit

We assess expected energy savings.

Supplier qualifications

Our suppliers are certified by us with strict quality procedures.

Ethical investments

The investment is on us, it will not be a burden on your budget.


If you are interested in getting to know more about the project, investing in our activities or working with us, email us and we will reply as soon as possible!